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Inked Wendy & Joanna … and started a Rosemary!





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Day 25!

Hello, can I have the Business Woman’s Special?

This is actually day/outfit #26, but since I forgot to take Day 25’s picture, I’ll have to re-enact it and take a picture tomorrow. Oh, and at the last second I swapped out the heels for my boots. I was THIS close to being professional!

Shirt – Express, skirt – H&M, necklace – Target, tights – Macy’s, boots – Hive & Honey

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You know, they just never get any credit. I have to say I’m kind of obsessed with creepy, slow moving horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s, especially a few in particular. So as part of my project to delve into scenes from movies I love, I wanted to do some portraits of heroines from some of my all-time favorite horror movies. Here are the sketches, and I’ll post the colored, finished versions soon …

The wonderful Wendy from The Shining.

Wendy Darling, Light of my Life ...


Joanna, the dutiful (but not dutiful enough) wife from The Stepford Wives.

Joanna Eberhart

More to come! Finished versions will be for sale at Staple! next weekend!

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Convention Season!

Start your engines! And by engines, I mean staplers and paper-cutters.

Next week kicks off my comic convention season for 2011 – woo! It begins with Staple! a super cool, independent comic show in Austin, Texas that I’m super thrilled about attending for the 3rd time. The rooms are lofty, the creators friendly, and the work for sale is amazing. One of the things that’s fun about going to different shows in different parts of the country is the trends you notice — in Austin, I sell more prints and original art than anywhere else. In Portland and New York, they were into my series about a female assassin. And in Toronto and back here in Maryland, autobio was tops.

So if any of you are curious about how I prepare, one of the things I spend hours doing is making my comic books! Here’s the typical process I go through: (here I’m using my book Lipstick & Malice #2 as an example)

Get yer paper cutter and stapler ready!

First, I print out all of my pages (apparently on a very dusty Canon printer …)

They’re all double-sided and black and white.

Next, I put them all together in order, and fold them over, careful to line up the paper on the ends as best as I can.

I also do this to the cover (the insides are printed on regular weight paper, the covers are on cardstock) ….

Next, I unfold both the cover and the inside pages and place the cover on top of the pages.

Then I take them over to my fancy shmancy long neck stapler, and put 2 staples into the spine.

Lastly, I trim off the white paper around the edges of the book.

And voila! A comic book, ready and eager to be sold and read!

This year I’ll be debuting my 3rd Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five comic, as well as a special mini-issue of Bonnie, featuring all art done by the magnificent Tim Fish. If you’re in Austin, stop by table #30 in the Hall and say hi! Otherwise, the books will be up and available in my store when I get back. Also, I might be debuting a few prints for the show … more on that later!

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Day 24!

I got my roots done yesterday, and everytime I do I’m inspired to part my hair down the middle. I guess because it’s my one chance to show off not having roots and pretending this yellowy-gold is my natural hair color. Usually within two days my hair starts to grow back and then that lovely line is ruined!


So … my hair is something I used to change quite frequently (as evidenced here). But I’ve stayed blonde for the past few years now, since it’s relatively easy and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. BUT … now I think it’s time for a change, and I’m inspired by this color:


Hot, right? Of course, it helps that she’s gorgeous and wearing red lipstick. I chatted with my hairdresser a bit about this color yesterday, and he said it might end up taking more work every month, which means more money. He took a test strand and is figuring out what it will take in his secret underground hair chemistry lab. As much as I love changing my hair color and love imagining myself looking like this hot chick, I’m not sure I can spend more than I already do on my appearance. I should probably be spending less – whoops. (No, I won’t tell you how much I spend on lipstick each month)

sweater – Express, belt – Doubledutch boutique, skirt – Target, tights – American Apparel, socks – Target, boots – Hive & Honey


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Day 23!

I should really avoid all end-of-the-day photos, since I end up looking droopy and like I spent all day fumbling around in a dryer. But I have to say, even though this outfit was definitely oddly put together, all day I loved it. Mainly because it gave me a chance to finally wear this amazing scarf my friend Matt bought for me at Crafty Bastards one year …. just look at what’s hidden on the other side of it!

Surprise Scarf Kitty!!!

That definitely brightened my day. And, I think, the others who I let in on my secret.

Cardigan – Target, belt & skirt – Express, black shirt – H&M, knee highs – Sock Dreams, shoes – Franco Sarto

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30-for-30: Day 22

Day 22!

Confession time! Even though it’s Feb. 23rd, I spent all yesterday in my PJ’s and workout clothes. Whoops. So now … I guess I will be getting to 30 days a day late? Or do I need to do two outfits in one day? 30 for 30-ers out there, help me out! I’m new to this, I don’t know all the rules …

So I took my saggy butt jeans to the tailor tonight, which I’m now horrified to realize means … that I won’t have jeans for a week. I will not be able to wear jeans for A WEEK. Ohhhh noooo … but I guess it’s a small price to pay to have some bangin’, non-saggy butt jeans in time for my trip down to Austin next weekend for Staple!, a superfun indie comics show. If you’re in the area, you’ll have to stop by my table and say “OMG Monica those jeans have really … improved”. Okay? Deal?

Oxford – H&M, dress – Target, belt – American Apparel, pants & necklace – Express

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