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Photo of Bettie from bettiepage.com

It just wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of me if I wasn’t putting on lipstick. Or, if there wasn’t a cat somehow in the picture.

All done! Finish line! 30 for 30! This is a pretty big day for me – the 30 are done and I just finished my book!

I’ll be posting about what I’ve learned through the process of working on this graphic novel for almost a year and a half, as well as a recap of all these 30 outfits. (As well as what I’ve learned by making an ass out myself for the last 30 days). BUT for now – I think celebratory tacos and wine are in order.

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I really think something’s gonna need to happen with these shorts. They definitely need a trip to the tailor. For some reason (especially in this picture) they’re really starting to remind me of elephant legs …. and that’s just not cool.

ONE MORE OUTFIT TO GO! Check back for it later today!!

orange shirt – Gap, shirt – H&M, shorts – Gap, shoes – Steve Madden, belt – Express


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I was wearing a necklace the first 5 times I posed for this picture, but then my cat found it and it had to be removed from sight. Whoops.

This is probably one of the most iconic Bettie images. Although I can’t really aspire to be as magnificent and fun-loving as she is here, I can at least be glad the photo was bright and blurry enough to hide my underarm stubble. (It’s the little things.)

shirt – H&M, belt – Doubledutch Boutique, pants – Express

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Congrats to Rachel Taylor, who has been newly inducted into my Small Boob Hall of Fame! Hooray!

She now joins the illustrious ranks of current members Gwen Stefani, Claire Danes, and Kate Hudson (as I mentioned in my book Boobage). Welcome aboard, Rachel! Werk it!

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Oh Bettie. How I wish I was out on the beach with you, twirling my toes in the white sand and making fierce poses under a palm tree. Sidenote: I’m glad you also have a problem with hair poofiness in the heat. Makes you seem more human.

shirt – H&M, tube top & belt – Doubledutch Boutique, skirt – Express, pumps – Bandolino, necklace – Target, ring – The Zone



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Yep, I’m still sloooowwwwly chugging along at this 30 for 30! This is what I get for not wanting to take pictures of myself on a weekend – ever! Plus, I’m running out of Bettie poses that I think I’ll be able to handle. I mean, c’mon – this one? Are you kidding??

Shirt – H&M, belt – Doubledutch Boutique, shorts – Gap



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Why yes, I am wearing this dress under a skirt! Since the last time I wore this dress to work and subsequently voted it too-short-for-work, I thought covering it up with a slightly longer skirt might just do the trick. And it did! Dress = Shirt.

Dress – H&M, Skirt – H&M, belt – Doubledutch Boutiqe, Shoes – Steve Madden



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