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Have I mentioned that I’ll be exhibiting at the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend?

My two li’l printers are hard at work right now churning out copies of my latest autobio mini-comic GO FOR THE EYES!

Latest Mini-Comic!

It’s debuting at Stumptown but I’ll have it for sale from my shop when I get back. 24 pages of pure awkward, undiluted self-defense! Can you dig it??

In the meantime, you can preview the comic right here.

I’ll be exhibiting at table D-18, alongside the superbly talented Mike DiMotta! We’ll be there with loads of smiles (and layers, probably – it’s unpredictable Portland, right?) and stuff for you to look at. Come on out and visit!


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Vicious Mamas

I’ve got a new Mother’s Day card up in my Etsy Shop! For all those killer moms out there.

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I posted a new comic update last night that was rife with problems so I didn’t say anything … here it is now!

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Yesterday I exhibited at my first craft show, and it was interesting to compare the experience to comic shows (which are normally more my bag). Since I’ve applied to craft shows before but never been accepted, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure the crafters would accept me into their clan.

Luckily, the experience was wonderful! Crafters seem to be just as supportive and excited about each others’ work as indie comickers are. Just as shy, too. I mean, I’m used to comic exhibitors practically throwing their necks out just to avoid eye contact and using any excuse to leave the table rather than discuss their own work (and I’m including myself in this group). So it was kind of charming to see crafters with their beautiful, elaborate displays of hand-woven jewelry … likewise all crouched in a corner, panicked when a customer greeted them.

Here are a few of the things I noticed:

  • Lots of pregnant women with adorable babies strapped to them in various intricate contraptions
  • Maxi dresses in wonderful patterns
  • Lots of supportive comments from visitors, telling me they loved that I was a writer, illustrator, and designer 🙂 (which means now I’m allowed to refer to myself as a triple threat, right? In my mind?)
  • A great variety of jewelry, perfume, wearable things, hangable things, loveable things
  • A MUCH better smell wafting through the place as a whole. Sorry Comic Cons, but crafters have you beat. No longer was there the whiff of B.O. swirling about – instead it was just the sweet aroma of savory soaps and perfumes. Yum.
  • I met Young House Love superstar blogsters John & Sherry, whose mere presence shamed my boyfriend into taking on more home improvement projects. All part of my evil plan!
  • Regrettably, my work sparked this question in a little girl:  “Mommy, what does -” points to my Tiger print “- ‘sexy’ mean?” My bad, mother of little girl.

I also picked up this little number from Monkey Dog Studio:

As well as checked out some gorgeous stuff from:

After the show, Dennis and I dragged ourselves on over to the Sine Irish Pub. There, we did some pub crawler participant watching (too drunk at stop #1, they were) and I obsessed over the safety of my car in an “Honor Code” parking lot until Dennis put money in the parking lot slot. Has anyone else ever encountered a parking lot, with plenty of empty spaces, on a Sunday, with a big scary sign that tells you you still have to pay something, even though it’s Sunday and no one’s around? Oh well, it was enough to have me shivering in my britches, so even though everyone we asked told us we didn’t have to pay, my honor remains intact.

Peace out, Richmond, that was a wonderful Sunday trip! And I can’t wait to go back to Spring Bada Bing!

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I know this was supposed to be a WEEK of Kick-Ass Women, but I’ve been a little busy this week prepping for Spring Bada Bing, so I think I’m going to turn this into an ongoing series on them instead. Because, let’s face it – I will never get tired of talking about them.

The next Kick-Ass Woman is actually THREE women who all impacted my view of what at a kick-ass woman could be. And they all happen to be named Michelle!

No, not Michelle Obama, even though she has charmed the entire country with her guns:

The three Michelles I want to talk about are Pfeiffer, Rodriguez, and Yeoh.

MICHELLE #1: Michelle Pfeiffer

After I saw Tim Burton’s Batman, I wanted to be Vicki Vale. I don’t know what it was about her I admired so much – the blond hair, the big red lips, the awkward way she handled herself around The Joker? I would draw her face over and over again, I suppose thinking I could transfer some of her power into my own body.  I couldn’t see her being surpassed in my mind as a memorable female character in Batmanverse until, of course, Batman Returns rolled around.

Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing as the pitiable, weak “administrative assistant” who, at the beginning of the film, lets people walk all over her. So great, that even when she transforms into the whirligig force that is Catwoman, we don’t have to squint too hard to see Selina still in there, calling the shots. Catwoman is incredibly sexy, but she wields her sexiness as an accessory. Her motivation and her appeal is her craziness, her craftiness. (After all, she did whip up her whole black vinyl outfit on her cute little pink sewing machine she had tucked away amid her stuffed animal collection.)

One of my favorite scenes is when Catwoman stops a mugger attacking a woman in a lone alleyway – the stereotypical set-up for a hero to save a damsel in distress. Catwoman instantly recognizes the opportunity for what it is, and DOES save the woman, but she also takes a dig at the woman for letting herself be vulnerable. It’s an interesting parallel to her past, having been manipulated and abused at the hands of her boss, Max Shreck. Catwoman abhors the part of herself that was victimized but luckily doesn’t use that as a weapon against other victims. She still has her humanity left.

MICHELLE #2: Michelle Rodriguez

I don’t pretend to know anything about Michelle other than in her role as Anna Lucia on LOST (Although my 17-year-old cousin thinks the only movies are the Fast & The Furious movies). Anna Lucia was a damaged ex-cop who wound up amongst the unlucky pack of Tailies on the island TV show. Before the island, Anna Lucia had brought vigilante justice down on the guy who had shot her and unwittingly killed her unborn child. As soon as craziness starts happening to her little group on the island, Anna Lucia defaults into protector mode the only way she knows how — by blurring the lines between necessary force and an excuse to shoot everything that moves. And yet, even though she lost her confidence in herself as a police officer, she’s still damn good enough to recognize Goodwin for being the lying murderer that he is.

I really wish they hadn’t cut short her character on the show and had allowed her more time to develop. And, I also wish I looked as buff as her in a tank top.

MICHELLE #3: Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is the only honest-to-god action star I’ve mentioned so far. She doesn’t just play one onscreen, she IS one. She’s in it, doing the action, fighting the fights, falling the falls.

I first saw her alongside Jackie in Supercop, and then in the regrettable Tomorrow Never Dies, playing probably the most competent and bad-ass of the Bond Girls in any of the movies.

But in the graceful, beautiful Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you get to see how incredible she is in every single scene. LONG, continuous scenes that show you the range of her skills and talent and don’t try to hobble it together with cuts and fancy angles.

She’s the real deal.

I’ll admit it’s been several years since I’ve seen CTHD, so I won’t discuss the aspects of that particular character in terms of an action star. Michelle Yeoh is an action star that WAYYY supercedes any single role.

Those are your Michelle’s for the day. Anyone else got a Michelle who’s particularly bad-ass that they want to bring up?

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This weekend I’m super excited to say I’ll be exhibiting at my very first craft show! *wooooooo*

Spring Bada Bing in Richmond, Virginia this Sunday, April 15th from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. On the unholiest of Tax Days, why not come out and support some creative crafters and get some yummy food?

I’m prepping for it right now … I’ll have Greek God Cuffs, Hanging Prints, Animal Spirit Guides, mini-comics … hope to see you all there!

Gettin' ready

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Bonnie N. Collide update!

And, um … soooo … remember how I told you guys I added comments to my comic? Now I’ve run into the problem where I normally post the latest comic as “last.htm”. So when I go to add a new comic update, I save “last.htm” as the next number of the comic, and save a new update as “last.htm”. Make any sense? So the newest comic is always called “last.htm”. Well, when I tried to do that with the comments, it went haywire, so now it’s putting last week’s comments on this week’s update. I’m not sure how to fix this. Anyone know Disqus?

But anyway, the comic’s still there. 😉

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