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I think it’ll be this kid.

The pigtails, the half-assed costume, the exaggerated eye roll … this is what the next generation of me would be like.

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Yeah, I’ve started watching Game of Thrones! Woot!  Here’re some little drawings of a few of my favorite characters so far …

Lady Stark


Jon Snow

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Aaaaagh finally a new Bonnie comic! Sorry for the delay folks. I could regale you with tales of how exciting the last couple of weeks have been, with me poring hunchbacked over my computer, agonizing over a new site layout … but I’ll spare you.


And on with the update!



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I’m in the middle of writing a story featuring some bitchy female lead characters, and it got me wondering – how bitchy is too bitchy?

It’s important for the characters to be identifiable, so some darkness is okay. I think it makes the reader feel more comfortable reading about someone who has weaknesses and faults just like anybody else. That’s why so many people find Superman so insufferable – physically and morally invincible? Snoresville!

But if the character is too mean and nasty, or cocky, or obnoxious, it gets harder (or just more annoying) to read a story about them. It’s all subjective of course, and sometimes I’ll surprise myself with which characters I will and won’t get behind.

Last weekend I watched Young Adult, which I’ve been dying to see since I first heard about it. It seemed to have all my dreams come true in it –

  • A plot featuring an ex-popular girl, disgusted by news of her old high school sweetheart having a baby and deciding to return to her hometown to wreck his life by winning him back
  • Played by Charlize Theron, a fave of mine (especially when she’s playing a bitch)
  • Patton Oswalt
  • Star Wars references featuring Patton Oswalt
  • etc.

At first I was worried I wouldn’t like the movie because Theron’s Mavis character would be too cringeworthy – forcibly throwing herself into too many awkward situations. I can only stand so many of those onscreen before I have to bury my face in a pillow. (I think I hit my threshhold watching Lisa Kudrow’s awkward antics in The Comeback). Or like when anyone in any movie EVER starts going through someone’s drawers looking for something while that person isn’t home. I will want to rip my hair out. THEY’RE GOING TO WALK IN ON YOU DOING THAT!!

Mavis is unlikeable to a fault. At the beginning, we’re introduced to her pathetic life, holed up in a filthy high-rise apartment with a little rat dog and reality TV on 24/7, desperately clinging to the last remnants of her bitchy powers as she meets with an old high school friend for coffee. Mavis clearly never learned how to take care of herself, care for anyone else, or properly grow up. So when she decides to go on her home-town rampage, it’s comic because we know she can only get so far.

But can she? Part of what I loved about her character was that she managed to surprise me with her level of commitment to the identity she’d created for herself and her insistence to remain oblivious to the world changing around her. After all, at 37 in a dingy apartment with a rat dog she could still go out any night of the week and snag a reasonably attractive one night stand. She could still convince people who loathed her in high school to try to befriend her, even now. She shamelessly manipulated people who were just trying to show her a little kindness and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt. And yet, as selfishly horrible and ridiculously, cruelly ignorant to anyone else’s suffering as she was – you still kind of wanted to see her go stir things up and wreck all those hometown lives.

Or maybe that was just me?

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I have to apologize for being a bit in hibernation over here. I’ve been wanting to redesign my website for a long time, only recently settling on creating a new site in WordPress, and I’m afraid it’s going to take me a while to figure all this stuff out! I’m pretty old school HTML/CSS. It’s like I want to rip WordPress apart and see the nuts and bolts, but then I go “Woaaahhh” when I see the nuts and bolts and remember I don’t know PHP or jQuery. I decided the best thing for me to do rather than create a whole site from scratch was to buy a template and play around from there, but apparently it’s still going to take me a while to figure things out. I wanted a site that was clean, minimal, and better organized than my current site, but when I started creating one I realized I kind of found it a bit boring. LOL. Clearly there’s going to be no satisfying me!

So anyway, if I’m a bit quiet over here, it’s because I’m spending my nights and weekends yelling at my computer screen. In the meantime, here are some pics from my recent trip to pretty, pretty Portland!

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I spent all of last weekend accidentally holed up in my house by myself. There’s a particular weekend in May that is usually reserved for the perfect storm that is my mother’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and Mother’s Day all rolled into one. But even though this weekend was all reserved for those festivities, they were all cancelled at the last minute and I found myself with loads of free time.

Now, for a lot of comickers, this would be a dream come true. We crave solitude and the indoors, shunning sunlight and interaction. And this is usually the case for me too. I work at home one day a week, and it’s always a struggle to force myself to leave the house just on that one day in order to mail stuff, run errands, drop off books at comic stores, etc. Do I drag myself out of the house the four days of the week I’m not working at home? Yes. But begrudgingly.

My dream is to someday make my own schedule and work from home at will. I love being holed up all day myself and not having to go out into the sunshine and be around the public.

So that’s why it was troubling that this recent unexpected stretch of hermitdom . . . Started to get to me after a while. I made it through Friday without a hitch. Plenty of stuff to do, plenty of fun meals to make. Come Saturday, knowing I had limited time before I’d have to go out and meet up with family, I was productive and level headed. But once Saturday plans fell through, even though I delighted in having more free time to myself, I started to feel … twitchy.

I read somewhere once that people need to see at least one human face a day. Not a photo, not TV. They had to get out and look at a real life person in order to feel okay. Like when you work in a cubicle all day, they tell you just being able to see something green and alive outdoors reduces your stress levels and allows you to pretend you don’t work in a tiny box.

Something must happen when you’re sequestered, even for a little while, that requires you to remind your brain you don’t live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. That there are other people outside, in case you need them.

I don’t think I’d ever get cabin fever. I see The Shining as a fun vacation spot. But I do know this – on Saturday, I was forced to break hermitdom by powers beyond my control and go out in search of a face. And then, magically, I felt better again.

How do you guys deal with the solitude? What’s your quota of human faces per day?

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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there! Here’s a little photo of me and my mom on my 3rd birthday. I think it accurately sums up the patience it takes to be a Mom … y’know, just trying to open a package while her kid is screaming for her Strawberry Shortcake presents, wearing a birthday dress over her clothes, and making sure to involve a balloon in the situation.


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