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Okay, which flowers are the dirtiest to YOU?

It’s a Bonnie N. Collide update! Click here to read.

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… Aaaaand I’m back! My website’s up and running again. Whew!

So, a couple of weeks ago, while my boyfriend and I were wending our way through the exciting mountains of West Virginia on our way to TriCon, we decided to listen to the audiobook version of The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

In the book, Gladwell analyzes the path to success for different people in different professions. What makes certain hockey players better than others? How did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates manage to skyrocket to personal computer stardom within the same timeframe? What kinds of work ethics are passed along through different immigrant ethnic groups?

At first I thought this would be a boring assembly of “what makes successful people super awesome that I could never aspire to”. Birthright, opportunity, ingrained talent. Ho hum.

When I was in roller derby, I grappled with the issue of natural born vs. hardworking athlete. I figured that there were just some people who were born knowing how to skate and the best way to hit people. No matter how hard I tried, that would always be out of my reach. I didn’t have it, and others clearly did.

Luckily, Gladwell wasn’t satisfied with the explanation of what some had and others didn’t. And upon deeper analysis, he discovered something that I find fascinating – all of the successful people he researched had to WORK at what they accomplished. Even those who were considered to have been born with something the rest of us weren’t – an eye, an ear, a brain function – those same people could never rest back on their elbows and rely on their “natural” talents to get them through. In every single case, they had to work harder than everyone else in order to achieve their level of higher greatness. The talented cello player practiced more than the next highest talented cello players. The gifted athlete trained harder and longer than the other athletes. The phenomenally successful band practiced together every night in dive bars in Germany.

In each case, even though opportunity, place, year, and hell, even the MONTH you were born in could play an important part in how skilled you became at a given thing – it still had to be cultivated through hard work and years of practice.

And since I myself am a lifelong Hufflepuff, currently putting in the hours to try to achieve my dream of making comics for a living … I find this encouraging.

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Sorry guys – looks like my website’s down. 😦 hopefully the server can get its act together soon! Otherwise, the Bonnie update this week will be posted here.

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Because I like being behind the times, I’m currently obsessing over 2 shows that everyone else is so over – Friday Night Lights (season 1) and True Blood (season 2). I like to enjoy things at my own pace, awright?

I’d heard FNL was an amazing show despite the football, and my one friend highly recommended the show mainly because of the hotness factor of Tim Riggins. Honestly, I’m more of a Coach Taylor fan myself – I like myself a guy with big eyebrows and a perpetually furrowed brow. ANYWAY. One thing I love about the show so far is the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. She puts up with all the football crap and manages to find a place for herself within the insane Texas town football culture without becoming a stereotypical Republican wife. She retains all her spark, sense, and her husband actually values and listens to her opinion on his job. I know I’m only on Season 1, so hopefully this doesn’t change …

Connie/Tami is one of those women I have a crush on/want to absorb their powers. I think she’ll be a good influence. (Except for the fact that she makes me think that I can wear dresses and boots and my hair down and look fabulous in the summer heat.)

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Back at the office. Click here to read!

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It’s officially the 2nd week of my new part-time schedule! Woot!

M.C. Escher’s Leiden Town Hall Commission – taken from http://inlay-arts.com

Well, part time in the sense of how the lovely company I work for defines it. I’ve been working 32 hours/week, but starting now I’ll be working 24 hours/week.

Back in the piece I did for UMBC Magazine, I mentioned what a huge boon it was to my productivity five years ago when I moved from 40 hours to 32. Just having one extra day without a 2-hour commute + 8-hour workday = LOADS more art was created. That year was when I finished a 152 page graphic novel, self-published it, and started selling all of my books to comic book stores for the first time.

I’ve wanted to drop another day off my week for over a year, but hemmed and hawed over whether or not it was all that feasible. Losing all your benefits is a pretty scary thing. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend willing to take me on under his company’s benefits (and we can without getting married, to boot!) , but depending on someone else still ooks me out.

To prepare for this big change in income, last year I divvied up how much money I’d lose on my paycheck in going to 24 hours. Then I set up a savings account to slowwwwly, over the course of several months, take out more and more of my paycheck deposit each week to account for the loss. I figured that was the least painful way I could get used to my new thriftier situation.

Right now I’m getting a lot of “Are you CRAZY??” ‘s and “When you come back to full-time …” ‘s but so far, just thinking of all the good this extra time will do when dumped into the career I want to be my full-time gig (comics, illustration, design, y’know) . . . there isn’t a regret in sight.

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In the spirit of getting myself all amped up for my new FODMAPs diet (starting tomorrow .. *groan*), I’ve found a couple good resources I wanted to share with you guys.

Get a load of this super cute FODMAPs cheatsheet from Kate Scarlata’s blog:

Kate Scarlata’s FODMAPs What NOT to Eat

AND, in the spirit of being prepared, I created some meal planning forms I wanted to share with you guys. Along with tracking what I’m eating, I need to make sure I’m getting enough protein/vegetables throughout the day (which will undoubtedly be the hardest part!).

Meal Planning for the Week


Recipes/Ingredients for the Week


Here’s the printable, double-sided PDF if you want your own copy.

And if anyone else has any kick-ass FODMAP resources, please share! I’m going to go start preparing … wish me luck! And/or wine.

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