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Big Ch-changes!

So …. I know I mentioned this ages ago, but I’ve been working on a website redo. Actually, instead of a “website redo” let’s call it MONDO MIGRATION 2012. That sounds  much more epic.

And as you might be able to tell by how long it’s taken me to even mention it again, it hasn’t been the most seamless process. For one, my knowledge of web design has been buried in tables (oh tables, how I will always love you!) and only recently have I started coding at a 2005-era level. So since the plan was to revamp my site in WordPress, this has taken me a wee bit of time to learn what’s what. Over the next couple days, I’ll keep you guys informed of what’s going on so when it’s live, hopefully there won’t be too many problems.

Oh, who am I kidding. My method of web design is like that of a cornered badger – a combination of frozen terror and things flying everywhere. But I promise I will hack and claw away until everything is working properly! For the most part, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far.

Here are some annoying things that will happen:

  • Some of the links to my pages will probably change. So, if you had any particular pages bookmarked, you’ll need to find them again and re-bookmark. This shouldn’t be too painful, but unfortunately necessary.
  • Any comments that people have left on my comic will disappear. *sniff sniff* But not on the blog – if you’ve left blog comments, they’ll be safe!
  • My blog will permanently switch over to my main site, so all of my posts here will migrate over to eatyourlipstick.com, so please follow me over there once the switch is complete!

And it’ll have simpler navigation and more fun things to look at, to boot! But enough with all the whining, here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll look like!




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I’ll be selling my wares tomorrow night at the Charm City Roller Girls bout at Du Burns Arena! Come on out to cheer on our local teams – Female Trouble and the CCRG All Stars, or go crazy and support the out-of-towners – Garden State Roller Girls and Rat City Roller Girls. Although, we can’t promise what will happen to you if we catch you cheering for Rat City … 😉

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I’ve got a sale going on in my Etsy Shop this week! 15% off for using the GO4IT coupon, in honor of my Go For The Eyes comic. It’s about punching and stuff.

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It’s officially the 2nd week of my new part-time schedule! Woot!

M.C. Escher’s Leiden Town Hall Commission – taken from http://inlay-arts.com

Well, part time in the sense of how the lovely company I work for defines it. I’ve been working 32 hours/week, but starting now I’ll be working 24 hours/week.

Back in the piece I did for UMBC Magazine, I mentioned what a huge boon it was to my productivity five years ago when I moved from 40 hours to 32. Just having one extra day without a 2-hour commute + 8-hour workday = LOADS more art was created. That year was when I finished a 152 page graphic novel, self-published it, and started selling all of my books to comic book stores for the first time.

I’ve wanted to drop another day off my week for over a year, but hemmed and hawed over whether or not it was all that feasible. Losing all your benefits is a pretty scary thing. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend willing to take me on under his company’s benefits (and we can without getting married, to boot!) , but depending on someone else still ooks me out.

To prepare for this big change in income, last year I divvied up how much money I’d lose on my paycheck in going to 24 hours. Then I set up a savings account to slowwwwly, over the course of several months, take out more and more of my paycheck deposit each week to account for the loss. I figured that was the least painful way I could get used to my new thriftier situation.

Right now I’m getting a lot of “Are you CRAZY??” ‘s and “When you come back to full-time …” ‘s but so far, just thinking of all the good this extra time will do when dumped into the career I want to be my full-time gig (comics, illustration, design, y’know) . . . there isn’t a regret in sight.

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This is what my office space used to look like …

before . . .

And what it looks like now, with the latest edition to our family, Aloysius Humperdinck Gallagher!

. . . after!

After years of using Frankenstein PCs, it’s going to take me a while to get used to this sweet baby. But I think I’m up for the challenge! I’m mousin’ sideways!

(and yes, that is a poster of Albi, the Racist Dragon)

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Yesterday I exhibited at my first craft show, and it was interesting to compare the experience to comic shows (which are normally more my bag). Since I’ve applied to craft shows before but never been accepted, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure the crafters would accept me into their clan.

Luckily, the experience was wonderful! Crafters seem to be just as supportive and excited about each others’ work as indie comickers are. Just as shy, too. I mean, I’m used to comic exhibitors practically throwing their necks out just to avoid eye contact and using any excuse to leave the table rather than discuss their own work (and I’m including myself in this group). So it was kind of charming to see crafters with their beautiful, elaborate displays of hand-woven jewelry … likewise all crouched in a corner, panicked when a customer greeted them.

Here are a few of the things I noticed:

  • Lots of pregnant women with adorable babies strapped to them in various intricate contraptions
  • Maxi dresses in wonderful patterns
  • Lots of supportive comments from visitors, telling me they loved that I was a writer, illustrator, and designer 🙂 (which means now I’m allowed to refer to myself as a triple threat, right? In my mind?)
  • A great variety of jewelry, perfume, wearable things, hangable things, loveable things
  • A MUCH better smell wafting through the place as a whole. Sorry Comic Cons, but crafters have you beat. No longer was there the whiff of B.O. swirling about – instead it was just the sweet aroma of savory soaps and perfumes. Yum.
  • I met Young House Love superstar blogsters John & Sherry, whose mere presence shamed my boyfriend into taking on more home improvement projects. All part of my evil plan!
  • Regrettably, my work sparked this question in a little girl:  “Mommy, what does -” points to my Tiger print “- ‘sexy’ mean?” My bad, mother of little girl.

I also picked up this little number from Monkey Dog Studio:

As well as checked out some gorgeous stuff from:

After the show, Dennis and I dragged ourselves on over to the Sine Irish Pub. There, we did some pub crawler participant watching (too drunk at stop #1, they were) and I obsessed over the safety of my car in an “Honor Code” parking lot until Dennis put money in the parking lot slot. Has anyone else ever encountered a parking lot, with plenty of empty spaces, on a Sunday, with a big scary sign that tells you you still have to pay something, even though it’s Sunday and no one’s around? Oh well, it was enough to have me shivering in my britches, so even though everyone we asked told us we didn’t have to pay, my honor remains intact.

Peace out, Richmond, that was a wonderful Sunday trip! And I can’t wait to go back to Spring Bada Bing!

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This weekend I’m super excited to say I’ll be exhibiting at my very first craft show! *wooooooo*

Spring Bada Bing in Richmond, Virginia this Sunday, April 15th from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. On the unholiest of Tax Days, why not come out and support some creative crafters and get some yummy food?

I’m prepping for it right now … I’ll have Greek God Cuffs, Hanging Prints, Animal Spirit Guides, mini-comics … hope to see you all there!

Gettin' ready

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