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In case you haven’t already been inundated by me tweeting/tumbling/facebooking these photos, here’re some of my sketches from TriCon this past weekend:

All set up and rarin’ to go … except without all the things I forgot to bring with me. *sigh*

Hawkeye in an old school outfit

Harley Quinn pencil sketch

Black Widow

Same character, 3 different facial expressions pencil sketch

And, last but not least, your moment of Zen …

Noah’s ark is being built in western Maryland!!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday to Tri-Con‘s inaugural convention!

The beautiful Ohio River in Huntington, WV

We had a great time – navigating through the gorgeous mountains to get there, and chatting with everyone who was gracious enough to stop by the table. I love that I got to be a part of YEAR ONE of a comic convention. The fact that so many people came out and were excited about TriCon just proves that comics are alive and well and we need more shows!

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Hey all you West Virginians/Ohioans/Kentuckians! I’ll be exhibiting at the Tri-State Comic Con this Saturday at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. I’ll be at table 44. It’s my first time hanging out in that neck of the woods, so please come by and say hello if you’re at the show!

Among my usual comics/cuffs/prints/sketches for sale, I’ve got a couple of new teeny prints for this show:

Batgirl Sketch

Catwoman Sketch

Sue Storm Sketch

Can’t wait to wend my way through the mountainy beauty that is West Virginia!

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Have I mentioned that I’ll be exhibiting at the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend?

My two li’l printers are hard at work right now churning out copies of my latest autobio mini-comic GO FOR THE EYES!

Latest Mini-Comic!

It’s debuting at Stumptown but I’ll have it for sale from my shop when I get back. 24 pages of pure awkward, undiluted self-defense! Can you dig it??

In the meantime, you can preview the comic right here.

I’ll be exhibiting at table D-18, alongside the superbly talented Mike DiMotta! We’ll be there with loads of smiles (and layers, probably – it’s unpredictable Portland, right?) and stuff for you to look at. Come on out and visit!

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This weekend, the fine city of Austin is hosting Staple! a super awesome indie comics show at the Marchesa Hall & Theater. Get all the info at the show’s website here, or on their Facebook-y page here.

I’ll be selling my books, prints, as well as some fun hanging Spirit Guides and some Greek God cuffs! For those of you who’ve seen me at Staple before, these’ll be somethin’ a little new.

Spirit Guides



Also, on Saturday at 4:30, I’ll be part of a Women in Webcomics panel along with Liz Prince and MariNaomi. I’m still pretty new at panels, so you’ll have to forgive me for when my voice starts shaking. Oh, it’ll happen. Just ask my senior year of college’s Final Projects class.

Hope hope hope to see you all there!


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Sappy Small Press

SPX was the first comic convention I ever went to. It was 2002, I was fresh out of college, just gotten a job, and wanted to see what was up. I dragged my friend Lauren and we wandered around aimlessly, too scared to really talk to people and, like most amateurs, blew all our money within the first half hour. It was amazing and intimidating and I had no idea what to think of everything. (I believe I might’ve awkwardly cornered Derek Kirk Kim into a conversation since I was obsessed with his webcomic Same Difference at the time) I also met and braved talking to a lovely cartoonist by the name of Tim Fish, who still puts up with my questions and tables with me to this day.

There were three rooms, a bar downstairs, and comics everywhere. I was in love.

One year later, I managed to snag a table. All I had were signs, a binder showing my webcomic, Gods & Undergrads, and free postcards and stickers. That was the whole shebang, my comics debut.

The picture is small and crappy because this was EONS ago

Oh and look there's Matt Hollis, Ed Siemienkowicz, and Joel Carroll in there too!

After that fateful 2003 SPX, I started gradually going to MoCCA, and then APE, here and there tagging on a Stumptown and a Staple, with just a dash of TCAF. But it all started with SPX.

SPX has changed a lot over the years – new venue, no more pie for dinner after the show, just nonstop excited creators and their WORK. Year after year – more creators, doing more stuff. It’s survived the move and managed to retain such a cozy, hang-out-by-the-bar atmosphere far better than any other show. I’ve only had to miss a couple SPXes over the years, and I was sad that this year was one of them – but still, it was so great to even just show up yesterday for an hour, meander around, blow all my money in the first fifteen minutes, and brave talking to some lovely cartoonists. All these amazing creators and publishers and fans and table bitches I’ve met over the years – now I consider to be my old friends.

Here’s to SPX!

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Whew! Quelle weekend!

First things first – I’m starting to transition stuff over to a new Etsy store (one that has a more reasonable name than “Artemna”, which is what my store is currently called), and I just placed my Mad Men Greek Myth prints up there! In a couple weeks there’ll be nothing left in the Artemna shop, so come join the party over at LipsticKissPress!

The Three Graces of Mad Men

I’ve got loads of news and updates and fun. But allow me to take a moment to gush about how wonderful all the people were who came by to stop and chat and purchase things at my table at the Baltimore Comic-Con were this weekend!

I usually don’t like to harp on the fact that I’m a woman making comics (*gasp*!) but luckily for every douchebag that comes up to me and ridicules my stuff (especially Boobage – mature, right?), or asks me if I’m the comic artist’s girlfriend, or just wants to take a picture with me but not read any of my stuff … there are families, dads, moms, kids, teachers, fellow comickers, and comics fans who come by and make it all worthwhile. They tell me they identified with one of my awkward stories, enjoyed the gore of my assassin comic, or are as much of a Greek Myth nerd as I am. And that just puffs me up with happiness and makes me want to do so much more. So thanks, everyone!

The Greek God wrist cuffs were a HUGE hit, I’m so thrilled! I have more gods and designs and plans to do custom orders soon, so stay tuned!

Some cool cats sporting the Greek God cuffs

In other upcoming news, Bonnie will resume updating next Wednesday, August 31st. Mark your calendars! And look for Gods & Undergrads to resume soon, too.

Now – on to the sketches I did this weekend!

Archer and Lana

Black Widow


Donna Troy having a wardrobe malfunction in an unfortunate place (people request this stuff, I swear!)

Atomic Robot in a suit


Black Cat

Black Cat Sketch

Spider Woman

As always, if you’d like a commissioned piece of artwork, contact me and we can chat!

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