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Last weekend I was commissioned by some friends/fellow Charm City Roller Girls alums/Night Terrors to create a derby portrait for the magnificent PAIGE FAULT, who is sadly moving out of our fair city of Baltimore …. *sniff sniff*. I love doing derby portraits, and this one was especially fun – not just because I know/love Paige, but I also know her penchant for all things ridiculously cute.

If any of you out there are interested in a derby portrait, give me a holler!


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I posted a new comic update last night that was rife with problems so I didn’t say anything … here it is now!

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New Bonnie post!

And to celebrate, I’ve decided to add a comments box! Yes, I’m finally now doing what others have been doing with their comics for YEARS.

At first I tried HTML Comment Box, but on a recommendation, I’m giving Disqus a whirl. Check it out and let me know what you think! … And be kind. Clearly these things take me a while to add/perfect. 🙂

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Some recent freelance illustrations I’ve done for some fine folks …

Family Picnic


Zombie Wedding Invitation

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For those of us who’ve ever tripped over a small child in a skating rink. You guys know what I’m talking about. Click here to read!

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Recently, I had the pleasure of designing not just one, but two logos for this amazing upstart roller derby team in Florida called (awesomely enough) the Thunder City Derby Sirens. Of course, with a name like that, this Greek Myth Nerd was super excited to be a part of their branding. All hail the Sirens!!

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Back on the Wheels!

Okay, I did it. After 3 months, I put the skates back on Sunday. (Well, if we’re being truthful, I put them on Friday and rolled around my kitchen – SHHH.) And you know what – I didn’t forget how to skate! It’s unbelievable!!

True, I was just as unwilling to turn right as I always am, but hey. I skated consistently instead of my default all-eight-wheels-on-the-ground position (which is what I do when I’m scared/tired/exhausted and need to reset). And we went around the 1.3 mile track 4 times – impressive when I think about how when I was training to try out for derby, some days I could barely go around twice. ‘Course, I was skating with a friend who just recovered from dislocating her knee and she was keeping up with me fine … and I ran into another former rollergirl who was whizzing around the track way more times, wearing way less padding … maybe I shouldn’t pat myself on the back too hard.

But – skating! Yay! Something I can still do!

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