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Found some fun outfits out and about on the ladies at my office today …

Teal checked skirt

Salmon and Gray

Rust orange purse


Click here and here to check out some of the ones I’ve sketched in the past!


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Last weekend I was commissioned by some friends/fellow Charm City Roller Girls alums/Night Terrors to create a derby portrait for the magnificent PAIGE FAULT, who is sadly moving out of our fair city of Baltimore …. *sniff sniff*. I love doing derby portraits, and this one was especially fun – not just because I know/love Paige, but I also know her penchant for all things ridiculously cute.

If any of you out there are interested in a derby portrait, give me a holler!

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In case you haven’t already been inundated by me tweeting/tumbling/facebooking these photos, here’re some of my sketches from TriCon this past weekend:

All set up and rarin’ to go … except without all the things I forgot to bring with me. *sigh*

Hawkeye in an old school outfit

Harley Quinn pencil sketch

Black Widow

Same character, 3 different facial expressions pencil sketch

And, last but not least, your moment of Zen …

Noah’s ark is being built in western Maryland!!

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Yeah, I’ve started watching Game of Thrones! Woot!  Here’re some little drawings of a few of my favorite characters so far …

Lady Stark


Jon Snow

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I’ve posted a couple of these as I was doing them, but here’s a consolidated bunch of some sketches I’ve done recently ….

Convention Catgirl and Katniss

There was this amazing little girl at Stumptown who was dressed as a little Catwoman … the best part was the whole time she was there, she kept running around and sneaking up on her dad to karate chop him!

Commissioned sketch of Scrappy Go Lucky

… And Free Comic Book Day last weekend! I had such a great time at Collectors Corner – Randy really knows how to throw an event! The line was out the door, around the corner, and down the street. Check out the super cool documentary they put together about the day! (there’s even an embarrassing part where I introduce myself and my website)

Sue Storm, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl



Scarlet Witch


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I know it’s bad form to think your own work is cute, but I just want to pinch the cheeks of this li’l prairie dog!

Oh yeah, and here’s a giraffe, too. True to my knobbly, elbowy, clumsy heart.

Both are now up in my Etsy Shop. 🙂

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Some recent freelance illustrations I’ve done for some fine folks …

Family Picnic


Zombie Wedding Invitation

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