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The first time I caught a glimpse of Sutton Foster, I’m embarrassed to say it wasn’t in any of her amazing, Tony Award-winning performances on Broadway. Nope, it was in Flight of the Conchords.

But yet, just by that small performance alone I was able to immediately recognize her when she showed up in my latest fave new show, Bunheads. Her comedic timing and facial expressions are what really do it for me, but I also love that she’s tall, gangly (though pure muscle from all that dance), and she’s on my team. And even though it’s an annoying pre-requisite that apparently any woman in the media with smaller boobs has to constantly be told they have smaller boobs (see: every episode of Bunheads so far), I still relish the fact that we’ve got another one on our side. Go Team Small Boob!

Er, boobs. You know what I mean.

Past Small Boob Award Winners:

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Recently my boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary awkward-style: by going to a B&B.

For those of you not in the know, B&B’s stand for Bed and Breakfast, and are the perfect culmination of everything you could find terrifying about going on a vacation. That, instead of going to a nice, private, secluded hotel where no one bothers you unless you ask them to, you go to stay with one of your relatives. A relative so distant that you don’t know them at all, and you pad around their house and sleep in one of their beds and have them wait on you and serve you breakfast. Any small talk you manage to make is extremely forced, and you can’t help but notice that each night they are sleeping under the same roof as you. Shoes must be worn at all times, especially when venturing out of your room (terrifying) in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or (horrors!) use the bathroom. Yes, you are paying to feel uncomfortable in someone else’s home.

I’ve managed to survive many years of B&B’s with just this simple mantra: Bring on the awkward. My parents introduced my brother and I to B&B’s by throwing us headfirst into a series of them while we were vacationing in Scotland. I was 19, my brother was 22. We were completely foreign to the concept of inviting ourselves over to another family’s house and forcing them to make room for us. In Scotland we experienced the full range – from a big B&B complete with unlimited, hotel-esque breakfast … to the one place you could stay on a tiny island where “my mother’s ancestors came from” and based on the icy welcome we received, my brother and I stayed up the whole night waiting to be stabbed. Luckily all the B&B’s in between (we were there for a while and my parents liked to jump to a new place every night) were amazing, and the Scots proved to be incredibly warm, generous hosts.

But I digress. Here’s why I’ve come to love B&B’s:

  • It’s just fun to get away. Yes, even if sometimes it’s weird sneaking around someone else’s house, it’s fun to be a part of that house’s history for a blip in time. Most B&B’s I prefer are older and creekier, which adds to the fun.
  • I like thinking of them as haunted, as long as they’re not actually being haunted. If there are more than a specific number of dolls around (i.e. one) you should probably rethink your stay. Just saying. Wood carved cherubs are okay though.
  • Some of them are suprisingly gorgeous, and worth any amount of time you feel obligated to hang out in the hallway and make small talk with your host. We once stayed at the 1890 Caroline House in Fredericksburg, VA and got our own private suite – complete with a HUGE tub, a fireplace spanning two rooms, and a comfy sitting room. Although, I have to admit, my favorite part was each morning when the hostess brought out a series of elaborate, lovely meals full of food my boyfriend didn’t eat. Every time she left the room he’d hiss “TAKE THESE STRAWBERRIES!!”, all panicky. Good times.
  • Embracing the local history of the place you’re in, even if it’s just up the road, is part of the point. And you get to be as cheesy exploring that place as you want – strap on the fanny pack, attach a cell phone to your belt.
  • Chatting with other couples/not making new friends. Remember when you’re B&B’ing it, you have permission to not be yourself, and to say things you’d never normally say. “This crepe is divine!” “I can honestly say I love this wicker!” “Where did you find that statue of a boy peeing?” And by all means, be pleasant with the locals/hosts/other guests. Just … y’know, remember when you get back home you might realize you really don’t like talking about golf, and that was the one thing you had in common with that couple.

If I had to stress out about whether or not I’d feel comfortable at a particular B&B or naturally click with the host/ess, I’d never go! And I would’ve missed out on waking up one fine autumn morning, in the attic bedroom of a large old house, heading downstairs expecting breakfast and encountering instead … PILES OF DOLLS.

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It’s Small Boob Awards time again! It’s not every day, but once in a blue moon I come across someone who’s on my boob team, and in the spirit of keeping up with Small Boob Solidarity, I like to mention that person on my blog. It’s not much in the way of accolades, I know, but I’m sure they appreciate it.

Today’s entry – SANDRA BULLOCK!

You werk that red lipstick!

I’m a Bullock fan. Way back from the days of Speed and While You Were Sleeping, I’ve been very loyal. I applauded her dark turn in Murder by Numbers. I cringed when I saw her go through The Proposal and All About Steve. I forced my friends to watch The Net with me.

One thing I’ve never thought about her was that she was on my team. And by “my team” I mean “had boobs of equivalently tiny size as me”. Even though this has been a theme of hers in her movies.

“He was a lot like me. Dark hair, flat chest.”

Then I was going on an obsessive Craig Ferguson binge the other week and caught some of her hilarious appearances on his show. And almost every time she kept hitting the small boob comments!



So I’m not sure if that’s been beaten into her over the years of Hollywood living, but regardless, I’m happy to have her on our team. Congrats, Sandra! Way to class up the joint.


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Because I like being behind the times, I’m currently obsessing over 2 shows that everyone else is so over – Friday Night Lights (season 1) and True Blood (season 2). I like to enjoy things at my own pace, awright?

I’d heard FNL was an amazing show despite the football, and my one friend highly recommended the show mainly because of the hotness factor of Tim Riggins. Honestly, I’m more of a Coach Taylor fan myself – I like myself a guy with big eyebrows and a perpetually furrowed brow. ANYWAY. One thing I love about the show so far is the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. She puts up with all the football crap and manages to find a place for herself within the insane Texas town football culture without becoming a stereotypical Republican wife. She retains all her spark, sense, and her husband actually values and listens to her opinion on his job. I know I’m only on Season 1, so hopefully this doesn’t change …

Connie/Tami is one of those women I have a crush on/want to absorb their powers. I think she’ll be a good influence. (Except for the fact that she makes me think that I can wear dresses and boots and my hair down and look fabulous in the summer heat.)

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Dark Day

It finally happened.

The day I’ve been dreading most of my adult life. The day when I would forget my lipstick at home.

I don’t think I’m being too dramatic when I say that lipstick is pretty much the #1 thing I don’t leave the house without. Wallet’s nice, sure – you got I.D. in there and some money if you’re lucky. Cell phone, why not? Everyone loves to text these days. But OH MY GOD do not let me go anywhere without my lipstick!

Since I’d already left the house and was halfway through my 50 minute commute to work, I was screwed. No turning back. I frantically thought about other lipstick possibilities – stopping at a drugstore on the way, any remote chance I had some lipstick stashed in my car (I didn’t on account of meltiness) … eventually I decided I would just not eat or drink anything all day, so the lipstick I already had on would last. I stoically put down my thermos.

I blame summer for this. In summer, my quaint 1920s home becomes a hot mess, with the window units refusing to cool off anything farther than 3 feet in front of them. Therefore, in the summer I move my hair dryer, straightener, and make-up into the A/C powered bedroom and set up shop for the duration of the sweltery months. Little did I realize that by doing this I screw up my routine, and the likelihood that I’ll forget something is multiplied by ten. Poor lonely lipstick.

Once I got to work I tried to remain cool but I could already tell my lipstick wouldn’t last too long (damn thermos I’d already drank out of!). But luckily, my friend came to my rescue. She happened to have not one, but TWO lipsticks with her that she was willing to share so I could make it through the day. Even though I was leaving early, to go to the dentist no less, I still needed that lipstick fix while I was there. I needed it!

She provided me with two choices:

Korres Lipstick Rouge

and Tarte Lively Lipsurgence

I tried the Korres first, and though I thought I put on a brave face I just couldn’t do it. I don’t feel very comfortable in sheer lipsticks – I feel like they’re just a mere step away from wearing clear gloss.

The Tarte, though, was wonderful – very rich and smooth, and had that hint of mint/Eucalyptus that makes your lips feel cool and refreshed. It was a pink color that I’m not used to, but if it’s a dark, bold color – I’m all in. I mean, Nars’s Cruella is still my jam (as evidenced in this past post), but this was a great holdover until I could regain my sanity.

What ridiculous item can the rest of you not leave home without? Or if you do, will FLIP OUT?

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Day of Rest

I’ve been having trouble lately with weekends. It’s a constant struggle of:

  • Wanting to check things off of a list of things I made during the week
  • Making headway on home projects
  • Tackling freelance business tasks
  • Seeing friends
  • Visiting new places

… all bumping up against that overwhelming desire to do nothing and “relax”.

Where does this impetus to do nothing come from? All week at work I’m sitting at a desk, or sitting in a car in traffic on my way to/from. Most weeknights I spend in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a sketchbook. Why do I think I need more of doing nothing?

I suspect that my particular problem is I make a GIGANTIC LIST of all the things I want to accomplish, and if I haven’t knocked off 482 of them I beat myself up. And sometimes, when facing that gigantic list, it doesn’t look like tackling any of it will make me feel better anyway. Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself that spending 16 hours working on a website that isn’t visible yet was a good use of your time.

Maybe the secret is to plan smaller goals, smaller milestones, and then congratulate myself heartily upon completion. For example, today could’ve gone something like: “You brushed your teeth AND thought about going to the grocery store! Big day, good job, you!”

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