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True confession: I graduated from college TEN YEARS AGO! *gasp*

I know, I know, it hit me hard recently too. But you know what’s super awesome about the college I graduated from? (University of Maryland Baltimore County, home of a pretty killer chess team)  They have a fun, super informative magazine with a great design sense that keeps tabs on students young and *ahem* old. And recently, they honored me by asking me to be a part of their Class Notes section!

For my piece, I decided to condense 10 years of my life in comics into a 2-page memoir. Enjoy! (if you click on it, it’ll be at least a little bit more readable)



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Oh, how I wish the title was “final countdown” and I could see Gob’s magic intro.

But by countdown, I mean the countdown to the end of Chapter 6 of Gods & Undergrads! Woooo! Gasp! There are only 4 pages left, my friends, so starting next Tuesday, January 17th I’ll post a page a day. It’s not terribly dramatic, since really there’s only a few pages left, BUT STILL. I like to pretend this sort of thing is a big deal.

In case you need a recap of what’s happened thus far, you can check out:

Then come back next week for the startling conclusion! (okay … still, not startling, but EXCITING!)

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Plaques will forever make me think of Sarah Vowell and her love for them … and since I just completed re-listening to Assassination Vacation for the zillionth time. Made extra special this time when I noticed this link about hottie Powell!

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