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Hey everyone!

The latest issue of Magic Bullet, the DC metro area comics newspaper (chock full of Maryland and DC area artists) is coming out tomorrow at Big Planet Comics in College Park, Maryland! Spearheaded by Matt Dembicki, Rafer Roberts, and Andrew Cohen, the latest issue has an “end of the world” theme and looks like it’ll be pretty fan-frickin-tastic.


Here’s a sneak peek of my contribution:

Magic Bullet #5 snippet


Keep a lookout for it – it’ll be in stores tomorrow! And while you’re at it, check out XOC: The Journey of a Great White, Matt’s book which has just been released from Oni Press! It’ll get you prepped for Shark Week! Mmm … shark week …



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I’ve got a sale going on in my Etsy Shop this week! 15% off for using the GO4IT coupon, in honor of my Go For The Eyes comic. It’s about punching and stuff.

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Back at the office. Click here to read!

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It’s officially the 2nd week of my new part-time schedule! Woot!

M.C. Escher’s Leiden Town Hall Commission – taken from http://inlay-arts.com

Well, part time in the sense of how the lovely company I work for defines it. I’ve been working 32 hours/week, but starting now I’ll be working 24 hours/week.

Back in the piece I did for UMBC Magazine, I mentioned what a huge boon it was to my productivity five years ago when I moved from 40 hours to 32. Just having one extra day without a 2-hour commute + 8-hour workday = LOADS more art was created. That year was when I finished a 152 page graphic novel, self-published it, and started selling all of my books to comic book stores for the first time.

I’ve wanted to drop another day off my week for over a year, but hemmed and hawed over whether or not it was all that feasible. Losing all your benefits is a pretty scary thing. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend willing to take me on under his company’s benefits (and we can without getting married, to boot!) , but depending on someone else still ooks me out.

To prepare for this big change in income, last year I divvied up how much money I’d lose on my paycheck in going to 24 hours. Then I set up a savings account to slowwwwly, over the course of several months, take out more and more of my paycheck deposit each week to account for the loss. I figured that was the least painful way I could get used to my new thriftier situation.

Right now I’m getting a lot of “Are you CRAZY??” ‘s and “When you come back to full-time …” ‘s but so far, just thinking of all the good this extra time will do when dumped into the career I want to be my full-time gig (comics, illustration, design, y’know) . . . there isn’t a regret in sight.

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In case you haven’t already been inundated by me tweeting/tumbling/facebooking these photos, here’re some of my sketches from TriCon this past weekend:

All set up and rarin’ to go … except without all the things I forgot to bring with me. *sigh*

Hawkeye in an old school outfit

Harley Quinn pencil sketch

Black Widow

Same character, 3 different facial expressions pencil sketch

And, last but not least, your moment of Zen …

Noah’s ark is being built in western Maryland!!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Saturday to Tri-Con‘s inaugural convention!

The beautiful Ohio River in Huntington, WV

We had a great time – navigating through the gorgeous mountains to get there, and chatting with everyone who was gracious enough to stop by the table. I love that I got to be a part of YEAR ONE of a comic convention. The fact that so many people came out and were excited about TriCon just proves that comics are alive and well and we need more shows!

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Hey all you West Virginians/Ohioans/Kentuckians! I’ll be exhibiting at the Tri-State Comic Con this Saturday at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. I’ll be at table 44. It’s my first time hanging out in that neck of the woods, so please come by and say hello if you’re at the show!

Among my usual comics/cuffs/prints/sketches for sale, I’ve got a couple of new teeny prints for this show:

Batgirl Sketch

Catwoman Sketch

Sue Storm Sketch

Can’t wait to wend my way through the mountainy beauty that is West Virginia!

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