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I’ve just added a new Greek God to my print lexicon …. *drum roll* ….


She joins the gaggle of others I’ve been compiling:


Wanna see a specific god/goddess pop up next? Or take a gander on who I’ll add next? You can find all of these in print and cuff form in my Etsy Shop!

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Wearable Art

Hooray, they’re finally here!

Greek God Cuffs!


I just posted my Greek God wrist cuffs (the ones I blathered on and on about here and here) in my Etsy store. For now there’s only pictures of the Dionysus, Hermes, and Aphrodite ones, but ones featuring Apollo, Artemis, and Athena will soon be up too. Hooray!

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Whew! Quelle weekend!

First things first – I’m starting to transition stuff over to a new Etsy store (one that has a more reasonable name than “Artemna”, which is what my store is currently called), and I just placed my Mad Men Greek Myth prints up there! In a couple weeks there’ll be nothing left in the Artemna shop, so come join the party over at LipsticKissPress!

The Three Graces of Mad Men

I’ve got loads of news and updates and fun. But allow me to take a moment to gush about how wonderful all the people were who came by to stop and chat and purchase things at my table at the Baltimore Comic-Con were this weekend!

I usually don’t like to harp on the fact that I’m a woman making comics (*gasp*!) but luckily for every douchebag that comes up to me and ridicules my stuff (especially Boobage – mature, right?), or asks me if I’m the comic artist’s girlfriend, or just wants to take a picture with me but not read any of my stuff … there are families, dads, moms, kids, teachers, fellow comickers, and comics fans who come by and make it all worthwhile. They tell me they identified with one of my awkward stories, enjoyed the gore of my assassin comic, or are as much of a Greek Myth nerd as I am. And that just puffs me up with happiness and makes me want to do so much more. So thanks, everyone!

The Greek God wrist cuffs were a HUGE hit, I’m so thrilled! I have more gods and designs and plans to do custom orders soon, so stay tuned!

Some cool cats sporting the Greek God cuffs

In other upcoming news, Bonnie will resume updating next Wednesday, August 31st. Mark your calendars! And look for Gods & Undergrads to resume soon, too.

Now – on to the sketches I did this weekend!

Archer and Lana

Black Widow


Donna Troy having a wardrobe malfunction in an unfortunate place (people request this stuff, I swear!)

Atomic Robot in a suit


Black Cat

Black Cat Sketch

Spider Woman

As always, if you’d like a commissioned piece of artwork, contact me and we can chat!

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Whew! Okay, I’m finally for a follow-up post on what the heck I planned to do with all this fabric and thread and terrifying trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

A little while back, I created some t-shirts and prints featuring Greek Gods:

After I started running out of t-shirts, I decided I wanted to do something NEW with them. I love the idea of wearable art in general, and t-shirts are difficult for me to produce, and not a terribly fun process. I send off the images to a printer, I get back t-shirts. Ho-hum. Where’s the danger? The excitement of some late night crafting?

So I brainstormed about something else people could potentially wear  … and voila! I thought about wrist bands.

I looooooove me some wrist bands. Leather cuffs, wristbands, bracelets, what have you. So I decided to embark on an exciting sewing journey to see about turning my beloved Greek God t-shirts into wrist bands.

First, I scouted for some various types of fabrics, as I mentioned here. Then I started cutting them into the basic length and width of cuffs I already owned, so see what I’d be working with.

It became pretty clear right away that I was going to have to do something about the fraying edges. Sew around them? Seal them somehow? I didn’t know. So I did a wee bit of looking around and landed on using pinking shears to texturize the edges.

OMG soooo much fun, I could cut zig-zags all day. So I ziggedy-zaggedy’d the fabric into three main layers:

  • A soft layer (the part that will be on the bottom, next to the skin)
  • A textured layer (providing some pattern, color, and sturdiness)
  • A transfer layer (the part of fabric where I’ve ironed on an image)

Once I had them all together, I plopped them onto my scanner. I shrunk and shifted my Greek God drawings around in Photoshop to match the general shape of the transfer layer. Then, I printed it out onto tshirt transfer paper (Avery Light Fabric Transfers, to be exact. I’ve liked them the best after years of trial-and-error with t-shirt transferring when I was in derby). After cutting my transfer out as close to the image as possible, I ironed it onto the cloth, and once cooled, peeled back the paper.

Now that I had the three layers the way I wanted them, I pinned them down and trimmed the edges if they were all crazy and didn’t line up right (like I would ever make a mistake measuring?? Hey, it’s not called “reckless crafting” for nothing).

I know the wristbands keep changing - these photos were taken over a couple days of trial and error, so forgive the inconsistencies!

Then I braved the ever-terrifying sewing maching. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the actual sewing process (just memories of the cursing), but I basically used a zig-zag stitch in order to mirror the zaggedy edges of each layer of fabric. I planned on using different colors of thread, but ended up sticking to a nice cerulean blue this time around (to save me time and needless thread and bobbin-switching). The sewed result looked a little something like this:

Then I had to figure out how to fasten the things onto the wrist. I decided the easiest way (or, rather, the way I could probably do successfully) would be to poke two holes on one end of the wristband for a string I could use as a loop. On the other end, I’d sew a button, so in order to fasten the wristband, you’d simply slip the loop end over the button. Unfortunately, poking holes in layers of fabric wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be, but I eventually had success with two tools:

A metal skewer thing my Mom had lying around (awl?) and a leather punching kit I bought and then realized wouldn’t work at all. But, by piercing the fabric with the skewer (awl?) and stretching it out with the punch set, I was able to get the holes wide enough for my leather string.

Using fabric glue, I stuck the ends of the string to the back of the wrist band, securing it in place.

Then, I simply sewed a button to the opposite side:

And – TA DAAAAA! A wristband!

One that specifically declares to the world that I, am in fact, a Hermes. Like that tricksy god himself, I also am punctual, work out, and like playing practical jokes. Not very neat and tidy, but that’s the way I like it.

As you could see in the pictures above, I’ve got a bunch of different sizes/styles, as well as different widths (each one also has a different button on it).

I’m debuting this latest crafting adventure at this week’s Baltimore Comic-Con, exhibiting at table A-176. If you’re in the area, stop by to see them in the flesh!

Otherwise, I’ll be posting the remaining ones in my Etsy store, and potentially will be taking custom orders. Stay tuned! And if any of you have any crafting/fabric/sewing tips or tricks for projects like this, please post them! I’d love to learn more, now that I’ve tiptoed into the wild world of crafting my art ….

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Gods & Undergrads Update!

Gods & Undergrads Update!

I know they’re sporadic, these Gods & Undergrads updates. The fact is I’m on a current rush-rush-rush schedule to finish up the graphic novel I’m illustrating for Oni Press by August 1st. Eeee! This means I have to spend at least 18 1/2 hours of work on the book each week in order to make my deadline. And if you’re someone like me, who missed last week’s deadline and has to make up the hours this week, well …

16 1/2 hours done so far, 13 to go!

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An emotional Gods & Undergrads update! (well … not really. It’s still fun though.)

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I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology. Somewhere around the age of 11 I got a little obsessed, when we started going over the Pantheon and which god was responsible for which cool attribute. I felt like they were divvying up superpowers. Over the years I’ve read about it, taken extra college courses about it, and started a comic about it. I still get a little thrill every time I see a reference to it in the real world. (Which, in the Western world, is all the time).

So a couple weeks ago, when my family and I set out to Fort McHenry for some good ol’ fashioned history-learnin’, I was pleasantly surprised to see a giant sculpture on the front lawn of one of my old friends:

This particular one is Orpheus, son of Calliope, famed for his mastery of music and poetry (superior to all mankind). I like Orpheus, I don’t know much about him except for what he’s famous for – his death (beautifully reference in The Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman). So it was funny to see him plunked down in the middle of a historical site, and then even funnier once I read his name – “Orpheus With The Awkward Foot”.


Immediately I identified with the sculpture. Not only does it appeal to my greek myth nerdiness, but with the name, and the stance of the figure itself, I instantly formed a connection. Awkwardness is embedded in my daily life. I’m not sure why, but it’s there. My limbs are so all over the place, it’s hard to keep track. Besides that, I often stand a little pigeon-toed, and on skates it’s much much worse (which is not good). I usually only get self-inflicted bruises, from banging my way around through the world. And here is this stunning, majestic, imposing figure, sculpted to signify pride and creativity in our country and its founding …. aaaand he’s just a bit awkward.


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