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I’ve just added a new Greek God to my print lexicon …. *drum roll* ….


She joins the gaggle of others I’ve been compiling:


Wanna see a specific god/goddess pop up next? Or take a gander on who I’ll add next? You can find all of these in print and cuff form in my Etsy Shop!


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I was thrilled to get to submit a piece to SCARCE this year – the ubercool French comic anthology! Here’s how I squished six chapters of my webcomic Gods & Undergrads into a one page summation  . . .

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Aaaaaaand scene. That’s it for this chapter, everyone! I wanted to leave it on a quasi-cliffhanger, or as my boyfriend would call it, an “Oh shit, it’s Mystique” moment. Which is a reference to the first time I saw X-Men in the theater. When Mystique first appears on screen, revealing herself as Senator Kelly’s aid in the helicopter, this dude in the back of the theater was TOTALLY SHOCKED and said out loud, “Oh SHIT, it’s Mystique!” Priceless.

For this chapter, I wanted to deal almost entirely with Anthony’s descent into the Underworld. At first I thought about making it just about he and Hermes’ journey together, but then I decided to split it up into sections – each one dealing with one of the stages of grief. As Anthony eventually accepts his death, his wounds return, and it finally becomes real what happened to him. And even though the build-up is kind of scary and sad, the reality is – kind of no big deal. Hades was the general underworld of the population – it’s where everyone went, good or bad, which I always loved about Greek Mythology. Rather than going down to hell or up to heaven, you got ferried to one place, and sorted out later. I know I barely touch on Hades and Persephone in this chapter, but I’m saving them for later. I didn’t want them to steal focus from the guy we’ve journeyed with this whole time – not yet anyway.

Oh – and they’re big on purpose. 😉

Thanks everyone for reading, and please feel free to share your thoughts on this page, or any part of this chapter!

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Oh, how I wish the title was “final countdown” and I could see Gob’s magic intro.

But by countdown, I mean the countdown to the end of Chapter 6 of Gods & Undergrads! Woooo! Gasp! There are only 4 pages left, my friends, so starting next Tuesday, January 17th I’ll post a page a day. It’s not terribly dramatic, since really there’s only a few pages left, BUT STILL. I like to pretend this sort of thing is a big deal.

In case you need a recap of what’s happened thus far, you can check out:

Then come back next week for the startling conclusion! (okay … still, not startling, but EXCITING!)

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Plaques will forever make me think of Sarah Vowell and her love for them … and since I just completed re-listening to Assassination Vacation for the zillionth time. Made extra special this time when I noticed this link about hottie Powell!

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