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Make-up is TOTALLY where it’s at.

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Dark Day

It finally happened.

The day I’ve been dreading most of my adult life. The day when I would forget my lipstick at home.

I don’t think I’m being too dramatic when I say that lipstick is pretty much the #1 thing I don’t leave the house without. Wallet’s nice, sure – you got I.D. in there and some money if you’re lucky. Cell phone, why not? Everyone loves to text these days. But OH MY GOD do not let me go anywhere without my lipstick!

Since I’d already left the house and was halfway through my 50 minute commute to work, I was screwed. No turning back. I frantically thought about other lipstick possibilities – stopping at a drugstore on the way, any remote chance I had some lipstick stashed in my car (I didn’t on account of meltiness) … eventually I decided I would just not eat or drink anything all day, so the lipstick I already had on would last. I stoically put down my thermos.

I blame summer for this. In summer, my quaint 1920s home becomes a hot mess, with the window units refusing to cool off anything farther than 3 feet in front of them. Therefore, in the summer I move my hair dryer, straightener, and make-up into the A/C powered bedroom and set up shop for the duration of the sweltery months. Little did I realize that by doing this I screw up my routine, and the likelihood that I’ll forget something is multiplied by ten. Poor lonely lipstick.

Once I got to work I tried to remain cool but I could already tell my lipstick wouldn’t last too long (damn thermos I’d already drank out of!). But luckily, my friend came to my rescue. She happened to have not one, but TWO lipsticks with her that she was willing to share so I could make it through the day. Even though I was leaving early, to go to the dentist no less, I still needed that lipstick fix while I was there. I needed it!

She provided me with two choices:

Korres Lipstick Rouge

and Tarte Lively Lipsurgence

I tried the Korres first, and though I thought I put on a brave face I just couldn’t do it. I don’t feel very comfortable in sheer lipsticks – I feel like they’re just a mere step away from wearing clear gloss.

The Tarte, though, was wonderful – very rich and smooth, and had that hint of mint/Eucalyptus that makes your lips feel cool and refreshed. It was a pink color that I’m not used to, but if it’s a dark, bold color – I’m all in. I mean, Nars’s Cruella is still my jam (as evidenced in this past post), but this was a great holdover until I could regain my sanity.

What ridiculous item can the rest of you not leave home without? Or if you do, will FLIP OUT?

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