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Woo! 99 strips done! You may be asking why it’s not 112, like it says on my site page. That’s because I’m counting the ones that just I did, not taking credit for the gorgeous Tim Fish strips. Which you can read starting here!

I also wanted to let you guys know that since I’m (still) in the process of revamping my whole website, once that’s complete I’ll be adding an archives page and a character page to this strip. I know not having an archive page has been a headache for some of you guys, so thanks for your patience with me! I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

New site’s pending arrival? I’m gonna sayyyyy … mid-August. THERE, I SAID IT. … (now I have to do it by then! Eep!)

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… Which I started a wee while ago called Bonnie N. Collide. For a while I did it, then I had my friend Tim Fish do it, then I put off updating it because I had so much else to do … but …. buuuuutttt …

Now, recklessly, I’m updating it again! Starting NOW! Wooooo!

Hey Guys! Remember me?

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