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I’ve just added a new Greek God to my print lexicon …. *drum roll* ….


She joins the gaggle of others I’ve been compiling:


Wanna see a specific god/goddess pop up next? Or take a gander on who I’ll add next? You can find all of these in print and cuff form in my Etsy Shop!

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My latest idea for a fun project to work on, which capitalizes on my fondness for characters, is to create little mini Spirit Guides. I’m taking a bunch of my all-time favorite characters from movies and TV shows and re-imagining them as inhabiting certain qualities I wish I had, or just wish I had on a particular day. For example ….

Here’s Margot Tenenbaum.


She’s someone I view not only as the mopey playwright created by Wes Anderson (whose style I drool over), but as someone who possesses certain qualities I wish I had. Sure, she’s sneaky, purposefully vague, and not the most loyal. But she’s also romantic, resourceful, and unabashedly enigmatic. She’s found a way to control her misery in a way that remains appealing, as easily as she carves out spaces in her bathroom and a museum to be her private sanctuaries.

Each Spirit Guide I create will be colored, printed, and assembled similar to my Giles Print:


They’ll be hangable, so they can be displayed wherever you need them. At work, at home, in the kitchen, in your gym locker, wherevs. I’ll post the finished ones as I do them, but in the meantime here are some more characters I can’t help but love ….


Herman Blume from Rushmore

Sawyer from LOST

Anna Lucia, another LOST fave




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Remember those kooky gold frames I was messing with? I finally listed a bunch of those very frames in my Etsy store, filled with horror movie heroines and soopaheroes alike. Check ’em out!

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I was raiding thrift shops in my neighborhood for a while, trying to find some perfect old picture frames I could repurpose into something cool and crafty, like all these great home improvement blogs I’ve been reading are always doing. I found a few, but mainly ones that required more work to revamp than even my imagination would lead me to believe I was capable of doing.

Then, I took a trip home and voila! My mom handed me boxes of old frames she no longer had use for:


So I took a mixture of different sized/textured ones, sanded off as much of the gold as I could (oddly enough – pretty much ALL the frames I received from my mom are gold. Yes – she’s decadent.) and then sprayed on a couple layers of primer and experimented with a few choice colors. Surprisingly, the paint took hold really well in spite of the gold, and (after rescuing all the dried frames indoors before a massive thunderstorm) I managed to fill them with a couple of my favorite prints.

A lot of them are white (especially the textured ones – I really like how the white worked with those) but there are a few turquoise and purple ones thrown into the mix too. The verdict? Fun for my prints, fun for the ol’ frames, fun for the entire family. I’ll be showcasing them this weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and I’m sure I’ll have loads more frame experiments in the future (seriously – BOXES of them).

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I’ve created a series of hanging prints based on my sketches of famous super heroines. Starting with Power Girl and Wonder Woman. (I’ve already expressed some of my love for Power Girl in this previous post, and one on Wonder Woman is bound to be in the future)

Stay tuned for more to come! All available in my Etsy Store.


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I’m skittering off to another comic convention this weekend – Comic Geek Speak SUPERSHOW in Reading PA, in fact. So I figure it’ll be a good time to debut some SOOPA PRINTS for sale! They’re little 4″x6″ ‘s, printed on glossy photo-type paper.

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