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Hurrah, 100 strips of Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five!

Click here to read the latest, and also to check out my very first sketch of Bonnie!


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Oh, how I wish the title was “final countdown” and I could see Gob’s magic intro.

But by countdown, I mean the countdown to the end of Chapter 6 of Gods & Undergrads! Woooo! Gasp! There are only 4 pages left, my friends, so starting next Tuesday, January 17th I’ll post a page a day. It’s not terribly dramatic, since really there’s only a few pages left, BUT STILL. I like to pretend this sort of thing is a big deal.

In case you need a recap of what’s happened thus far, you can check out:

Then come back next week for the startling conclusion! (okay … still, not startling, but EXCITING!)

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And this isn’t trying to say that people who are still friends with people they’ve known from grade school or even middle school are strange or stalker-y by any stretch. . . I mean, don’t we all keep in touch with our BFFs from high school, and live down the street from people we met in the 7th grade? … or is that just me?


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Plaques will forever make me think of Sarah Vowell and her love for them … and since I just completed re-listening to Assassination Vacation for the zillionth time. Made extra special this time when I noticed this link about hottie Powell!

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Finally, right?

I’ve been a bit incommunicado recently because I was whisked away to the great north (i.e. Maine) for a couple days last week. What was my impression of Maine? Unfortunately, it wasn’t the quaint town full of hot storybook characters bumping into one another, as Once Upon A Time has led me to believe. No, rather it was a vast, wintry landscape full of people in plaid and stores with names like “Dave’s Adult Supermarket”, where the sun set at 3:30pm. No joke, the moon was out at 5:00pm and I had no idea where the hell I was.

But anyway, I’m back and in a flurry to try to grab hold of Christmas spirit before it’s actually Christmas and I’ve missed it. I’ve already baked cookies and watched Love Actually, so I’m off to a good start!

Ahem, anyway, here’s your Bonnie!


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