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Big Ch-changes!

So …. I know I mentioned this ages ago, but I’ve been working on a website redo. Actually, instead of a “website redo” let’s call it MONDO MIGRATION 2012. That sounds  much more epic.

And as you might be able to tell by how long it’s taken me to even mention it again, it hasn’t been the most seamless process. For one, my knowledge of web design has been buried in tables (oh tables, how I will always love you!) and only recently have I started coding at a 2005-era level. So since the plan was to revamp my site in WordPress, this has taken me a wee bit of time to learn what’s what. Over the next couple days, I’ll keep you guys informed of what’s going on so when it’s live, hopefully there won’t be too many problems.

Oh, who am I kidding. My method of web design is like that of a cornered badger – a combination of frozen terror and things flying everywhere. But I promise I will hack and claw away until everything is working properly! For the most part, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far.

Here are some annoying things that will happen:

  • Some of the links to my pages will probably change. So, if you had any particular pages bookmarked, you’ll need to find them again and re-bookmark. This shouldn’t be too painful, but unfortunately necessary.
  • Any comments that people have left on my comic will disappear. *sniff sniff* But not on the blog – if you’ve left blog comments, they’ll be safe!
  • My blog will permanently switch over to my main site, so all of my posts here will migrate over to eatyourlipstick.com, so please follow me over there once the switch is complete!

And it’ll have simpler navigation and more fun things to look at, to boot! But enough with all the whining, here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll look like!




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I have to apologize for being a bit in hibernation over here. I’ve been wanting to redesign my website for a long time, only recently settling on creating a new site in WordPress, and I’m afraid it’s going to take me a while to figure all this stuff out! I’m pretty old school HTML/CSS. It’s like I want to rip WordPress apart and see the nuts and bolts, but then I go “Woaaahhh” when I see the nuts and bolts and remember I don’t know PHP or jQuery. I decided the best thing for me to do rather than create a whole site from scratch was to buy a template and play around from there, but apparently it’s still going to take me a while to figure things out. I wanted a site that was clean, minimal, and better organized than my current site, but when I started creating one I realized I kind of found it a bit boring. LOL. Clearly there’s going to be no satisfying me!

So anyway, if I’m a bit quiet over here, it’s because I’m spending my nights and weekends yelling at my computer screen. In the meantime, here are some pics from my recent trip to pretty, pretty Portland!

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